Front load vs. top load washers

What's the difference between a front load and top load washer?

The main difference is the design, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing one of these styles.¬†Check out the pros & cons and other differences below ūüĎᬆ

Front load washers


  • Opens in the front¬†¬†
  • Easy-to-reach controls are on the front

Pros ✅

  • They are more energy-efficient since they use minimal water and detergent
  • They have a shorter dry time thanks to its faster spinning
  • Most front-loads are stackable, which makes them a great option for smaller or vertical spaces like closets
  • Clothes are easy to reach and transfer to the dryer
  • Cleans with specialized tumbling that uses less water
  • Since there is no agitator in the middle, they have more space for clothes than similar-sized top-load models with agitators
  • They are more gentle when washing clothes, which creates less wear and tear on clothes


  • It uses less water per load, which may lead to a longer wash time¬†
  • It may require a bit of bending for reaching your clothes, but you can consider adding a laundry pedestal for more height or even extra storage
  • Cannot add last-minute laundry since most front-load washers lock while in use to prevent water overflow
  • They can be more expensive

Top load washers


  • Opens at the top
  • Controls are towards the back

Pros ✅

  • Typically uses more water and detergent per load and may take less time in wash cycles than a front load
  • Can hold more water for soaking your clothes¬†
  • Lets you load and unload your clothes comfortably without bending over
  • It uses either an agitator or impeller to wash
  • Can easily add items mid-cycle
  • Usually more affordable¬†
  • Easier to maintain


  • ¬†Not stackable
  • The ease of reaching the bottom of the washer depends on your height or the height of the washer.

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